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Residential On-Demand Beehive Services

Beekeeping has become a very difficult and complex endeavor over the last decades. Pesticides, disease, predators, and parasites have come together to cause the honeybee population to struggle worldwide. The honeybee is responsible for the pollination of nearly 60% of the fruit, nut, and vegetable crops across the entire planet. Without the honeybee, world food supplies will fail, causing famine and wars to rage globally.

The native North American Honeybee became extinct many millennia ago. The current honeybee species in North America can trace their lineage to the European Honeybees. The Pilgrims brought hives of honeybees with them to settle in the New World. Many of our bees can trace their lines to these humble beginnings. The United States government is hesitant to protect the honeybee because it is considered an invasive species, non-native to North America. Also, big agribusiness chemical companies have conspired to keep the honeybees from being listed as threatened or endangered, allowing them to create more toxic pesticides to spray on our food crops.

What can you do to help? Get a beehive and raise bees. Our On-Demand Bee Service allows you to take the guesswork out of raising bees. The use of our expertise, equipment, and experience allows you to raise bees in the comfort of your home, whether it is in your backyard or the rooftop of your condominium.

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