Honey Lemon Chamomile with Rice Bran Oil


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Scented with lemon essential oil and the delicious fragrance of warmed honey. Natural colors, real flowers and herbs with plant derived fragrances, in combination with coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, honey and golden beeswax, makes this bar beneficial to all skin types, especially mature, delicate and sensitive skin. Rice bran oil makes for a creamier and smoother luxurious lather.

Infused with chamomile tea and deeply moisturizing and revitalizing with natural honey is why Eric loves this bar. It is harvested from the hives and chamomile in our own valley.

Used in Japan by women for centuries to help smooth out wrinkles as well as to provide a slight amount of sunscreen protection.

It contains proanthocyanins which protect collagen and elastin which in turn play in a large part in maintaining the suppleness of your skin and is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Rice Bran Oil has a small molecule which makes it easier to penetrate the skin.  This gives it good penetration without being greasy. Like Eric, you are going to love this bar.


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