Bee Friendly in 2019

As 2018 comes to an end I am reminded of all the wonderful people I crossed paths with this year while out delivering delicious Skagit Valley honey. It was thrilling to hear so many people interested in what they could do to help the honey bee population thrive. Not everyone is cut out to perform the duties of a beekeeper but there are numerous ways you can help us help the bees. Buying our local honey is just one small way and we thank you.

Find space for a beehive in your garden

Many gardeners find it difficult to choose a space for a colony of bees for their garden. We can help. If you have some space, please consider buying or renting a beehive from GooBees Honey Emporium. You will be amazed at the difference a beehive will make to your garden, I know I was. Yield and quality of crops will be better, fruit trees will produce well with fruit that is not deformed and your garden will be knee deep in bees.

Plant your garden with bee friendly plants

In urban neighborhoods the honeybee relies upon your gardens flowers to ensure they have a diverse diet providing nectar and pollen. Encourage honeybees to visit your garden by planting single flowering plants and vegetables. In our garden the bees especially love the sunflowers, strawberries, basil, blackberries, sedums, Russian Sage, and lavender. Bees need a lot of pollen and trees are also a good source of food. Willows and Linden (Basswood) are exceptionally good.

Bee Friendly Landscapes

Avoid using pesticides

Insecticides don’t discriminate between insects killing indiscriminately. They don’t know the difference between a maggot or a ladybug. Pesticides have been shown to negatively affect the health of honey bees and have been banned from use in other countries for this reason. There are many natural ways to discourage, eliminate, or destroy pest without pesticides.

Protect those swarms

If you see a swarm, please contact us. We will attempt to collect the swarm and take it away. Please leave them alone and wait for us to arrive. Swarming honeybees are usually very gentle and present very little danger. However, they can be made aggressive if disturbed aggressively.

Support your local beekeeper by buying local honey and honey related products

Local honey is prepared by local beekeepers. This helps the beekeeper to cover the costs of beekeeping. One of the great benefits of GooBees honey is that it’s unprocessed, unpasteurized, strained not filtered, and pure. Raw (unpasteurized), local honey also contains a blend of local pollens. There is a plethora of anecdotal evidence that pollen can strengthen a person’s immune system and reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Many allergies are rooted in the same plants from which the bees collect pollen. Although no formal study confirms this, eating honey that containing that pollen can possibly combat those allergies. I know it works for us.

All the Best for 2019!

Eric, Karen, and Margo Stroschein

GooBees Honey Emporium is a husband, wife, and daughter team striving to provide exceptional products and customer service. Offering honey and honey related products and handcrafted bath and beauty products using honey and beeswax from our own hives. By using our honey and honey related products you help support us while we nurture and protect our local honey bees!

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